Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Praise God, there's nothing wrong with Caspian's plumbing. Thank you all for praying for his VCUG. The catheter was not popular, but Caspian was so brave! He was over it pretty quickly once they took it out. All together, we were at the hospital complex for almost 5 hours. Ugh.

This Friday night will be Caspian's and my first overnight apart, ever! I'll be at a Mary Kay conference in Louisville from Friday afternoon through Saturday evening. Hopefully going a day without breastfeeding won't dry me up the rest of the way. We really want Caspian to decide when he weans...

Caspian's current favorites:
* "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" ~ For motions, he usually jumps straight from "head" to "toes", then throws in "eyes" and "ears" when we get to that part.
* elephants ~ Caspian sees them in everything — dinosaur posters, trees, looking out the car window... Old MacDonald always has at least three on his farm.
* Teletubbies ~ He asks for them constantly ("duh-beh-deh-beh"), and they're not on until 12:30. (In fact, just now, he sat straight up in bed, called out "Teletubbies!" and went back to sleep.)
* balls ~ Whenever he throws a ball, he gives a mighty shout! He is so tough.
* climbing ~ Doesn't matter where or when or what, he will climb it.
* asking for Grandpa Kirk ~ It sounds like "PUH-pah," and always breathy. Right now Grandma Bonnie is "arf arf" (for Maisie).
* Music Machine CD ~ And it has to be forwarded right to the point where the actual Music Machine kicks in (track 2, 0:35). He asks for it by giving a little rumble to mimic the machine (sounds like a harumphing old man). Having Mommy sing the entire "Patience" song is also popular.
* baths ~ He asks for baths at random times throughout the day.
* "No" ~ He says it for both affirmative and negative, even though he can shake his head both ways. He sounds SO funny when he says it, too.
* applesauce, chicken, spinach, (any) beans, broccoli ~ Could be offered any time of the day, and he will eat them.

One of my clients is having me do her wedding makeup, and our first consultation was yesterday. It hit me about four-fifths of the way through what an awesome responsibility it is! Talk about pressure! It's really exciting and fun, though, because I actually get to do it on her myself.

In case you forgot, in December, the automatic sliding door on our minivan malfunctioned and closed on my left forearm. I've been in a brace ever since, and finally saw an orthopaedist this month. He had me start twice-weekly physical therapy, but my insurance company just sent a letter saying I couldn't do more than 5 visits because they didn't see the medical necessity (which means no more after tomorrow). I have to appeal, because I can't function like this — especially with a toddler! Please pray for them to see the light.

Our new laptops came today! ((wiggle, wiggle)) I'm waiting for Charlie to come home before I open the box. Thank you, Mary Kay tax refund! Today my "w" key started sticking on my old laptop (like the 1 and 2), so the timing is good.

Easter 2008 (Thank you, Aunt Steph & Uncle Stu, for Caspian's Easter outfit!)

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You all look marvelous! Thank you for writing such a clear, crisp vignette. Priceless!!


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