Sunday, September 17, 2006

Caspian is growing up so fast! {{sniff, sniff}}

We brought back the Higginbotham Family baby scale from Stu and Steph's wedding, so we get to weigh the baby whenever we want. He was 11lb 11oz and 23" at his last appointment, on September 1st. Last night he clocked in at 13lb 1oz, and tonight, he weighed 13lb 6oz! And those are pre-feeding weights, too. I'll measure his length once he's sound asleep and can be laid straight.

MILESTONE OF THE DAY: Caspian's in his big boy diapers now!
He's outgrown the Sandy's XS and has finally transitioned into the Motherease OneSize.
The legs on the Sandy's have been tight for a while. We tried putting him in the OneSize just this past week, and they were still a little too big -- but they fit now! He's currently wearing our only small AirFlow cover, which is intended for 6-12lbs but fits him with room to spare. We also have four medium covers, which are for 10-20lbs.

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