Monday, September 11, 2006

More strangers got to see my breasts this week! I fed Caspian in the Dallas airport (twice), on all four flight legs, in Stuart's car at the Denver airport, in the chapel at the United States Air Force Academy (twice), at the bachelorette party (a jazz club at a catering school), at King's Land Seafood Restaurant, in the office at The Phantom Canyon Brewery Company, and the TV room of our host's home. Praise God: latching him on is getting a lot easier, as is nursing in the cradle hold (and without a Boppy!). By the time we flew home, he was latching like a pro. I wouldn't mind getting some nursing tops, though. I always have to pull up my regular shirt, and exposing my post-pregnancy tummy embarrasses me more than breastfeeding in public.

Nobody ever had a problem with it either! We kind of expected a stewardess or some other passenger to complain about my partially-visible boobage, but no one ever did. Of course, I wasn't flashing myself out there or anything, and we were very discreet, but I NEVER put a blanket over his head while he's nursing. People expect it if you're going to breastfeed in public, but I won't do it. I tried it once at a friend's wedding, and it was awful for both Caspian and me. I couldn't see his face to make sure he was eating and latched on properly; he got overheated; the blanket kept falling and I had no hand free to fix it -- it was a mess. I tried putting it over both our heads, so I could at least see him, and that was awful too. Now I figure, hey, if you "don't want to see that kind of thing," just look away -- it's that easy. My baby's just having his dinner, and nobody's making you watch. It's not like my feelings will be hurt if you look away.

In case anyone's wondering, it is now a protected legal right in most states to breastfeed in public. And if nursing in public offends you and you don't want to turn away, well, you're welcome to put a blanket over your head.

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