Thursday, September 21, 2006

Our clothes washer died mid-cycle yesterday, leaving a tub full of dirty water and cloth diapers. I had to pick out all the diapers, squeeze them out, and lug them to my parents' house in a garbage bag because we needed them last night. Let me tell you: if I ever doubted those diapers' absorbancy, it all ended when I felt how heavy they were, even after being wrung out!

I have to take Caspian's laundry over today, since he has a full basket. Do you know how much babywear it takes to fill a whole basket? We have got to get another washer...

GROWTH UPDATE: Caspian's post-diaper pre-feed weight yesterday afternoon was 13lb12oz! That's 6oz in three days! He's not super chubby, though, so he must be growing lengthwise to match.

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