Thursday, January 22, 2009

HAPPY THIRD TRIMESTER TO ME (as of yesterday)!!!

90 days (or 12 weeks and 6 days) to go until Perrin's EDD. That is so...unbelievable.

I gave Caspian some applesauce (which he loves) for lunch yesterday, and he said, "No, mommy. I'd like some real fruit from the store." (He meant whole, raw fruit.) LOL

Yesterday Caspian discovered an old wooden Disney puzzzle I'd put up for when he was older, and he mastered it right away! He likes to start with the middle pieces and work his way out, too, like he's challenging himself. Speaking of which, he also did it — without hesitation — with the puzzle base upside-down this afternoon (so, no outline for guidance). I'd love to get him some more jigsaw puzzles, now that he's beyond the peg-piece-into-a-single-shape-outline type. He could probably handle a 12-piece at this point, I think, since the seven-piece was a lark to him after just a few tries. Here's his upside-down puzzle play:

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