Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is from the Cake Wrecks blog.

Just for fun, I asked Caspian what animal this was. He thought about it for a little bit, then said, "It's dirty." It looks dirty? "Yeah." But what animal is it? After looking a little longer, he said, "I've never seen that." ROFLOL

Wanna go on a diet? Just look at the second cake in this post.

It's not Christmas anymore, but the third cake in this post is so funny.

Lastly, here's one for Duncan.

On Monday, inexplicably, Caspian completely switched over from saying "yes" to saying "yeah." I had never heard him say it, and he just woke up like that! He's so funny.

One of my favorite "spots" is the little divot on the back of Caspian's neck — right where his baby rat-tail ends. It's just a little indentation, but it is so kissable and strokeable! Sigh.

After his final diaper change of the night tonight, when he was just wearing his onesie, Caspian proclaimed, "I am not dressed anymore. I am half naked!" He is so amazing. Speaking of grown-up talk, he was carrying an empty laundry basket from his room and started to bring it into the office where I was. I told him, "That goes in the laundry room." He turned and headed down the hall with a resigned "O-kaaaay." LOL

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