Sunday, January 11, 2009

I feel guilty because a certain unnamed photographer who owns a minivan keeps harassing me for not posting more belly shots. Well, I feel guilty because I don't have as many of Perrin-bump as I do of Caspian-bump. Anyway, here is Perrin-bump on Saturday (yesterday) at 25 weeks, 2 days (6 months) along. (Click for a bigger picture.)

We were in Georgetown at a Mary Kay training event put on by National Sales Director Linda Toupin (third from left). I only bother buttoning the top button of my Red Jacket now, as it is not a maternity jacket. It's a little difficult to see where the bump is, since my black dress melds into Devyani's navy jacket, but at least it's a picture, right?

And for the record, HAH! Not only were the other belly pictures in my December 2nd post, you actually commented on it, Mrs. Minivanographer. At least you remind me to post. Thank you!

Oh, yeah. I saw Perrin kick from the outside for the first time last Saturday (January 3). It was pretty neat.

BONUS FUN: If you want to feel much, muuuuuch better about what you named your child, please visit this website. Some people are just sick.

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Matthew & Kate said...

THANK YOU!!! Now, I expect to see at least one belly shot every two weeks until Perrin pops out. Do not fail me! You are one cute pregnant lady!