Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sharp vertical pain plus pressure "low down," both when I got up to use the bathroom at 6:30am and when I officially got up after sleeping in, at 8:30am. Forgot to mention, too — I "dropped" Wednesday afternoon.

Whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes (no syrup) made for a good breakfast while sitting on my ball. Can't stand sitting in solid chairs anymore.

CANNOT find our most important box of baby clothes!!! Found the 0-12 mo outerwear and 0-12 mo pants and 0-12 mo sleepers, but not ONESIES for crying out loud. How am I supposed to dress this child?!? It's 72 degrees outside!

Caspian has started giving spontaneous hugs and saying, "I love you!" and "I love you all the time!" Happy sigh.

He strings multiple sentences together and uses everyday phrases that sound so grown-up coming from him, like, "I have an idea — let's read a book!" His grasp of cause-and-effect is really neat, too.

He loves to scare and be scared, but the cats run away, which makes them a more fun target. We're working on that.

Our rule is that Caspian isn't allowed to lock a door unless mommy or daddy asks him to, even if we're in the room with him. He always pretends to lock the door when he shuts us in the office together ("I locked it pretend!") by twinkling his fingers over it and saying, "Zjoob zjoob zjah!"

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