Friday, April 17, 2009

Tried making peanut butter balls with Caspian this morning. He enjoyed measuring, pouring, and taste-testing ingredients, but NOT the mixing. Turns out he's like his daddy in that he doesn't like his hands being messy. He dug his hands in eagerly, then freaked out. :) Loved the end result, though.

Had labor-related low back pain last night and tonight. Some during the day and definite ctx throughout, but I haven't timed anything because they don't seem regular. I went for a family walk to the playground before dinner, then took a warm bath with Caspian when we got back. On the way home, I pushed the stroller while the guys walked. I must have been going a little slow up the hill, because Caspian started pushing with me and said, "You can do it, mommy!"

at the playground

"Mo-om, he's pointing at me!"

drum lessons

hugs & kisses

swinging like a monkey at the top of the slide (click to see up-close)

We have a game night scheduled for tomorrow, so maybe that'll relax me enough to go into actual labor. Plus Charlie makes whole wheat-chocolate chip pancakes every Saturday morning, which is a bonus. :) Technically 6 days to go, but fingers crossed for this weekend!

Prayers are appreciated, especially for no tearing...


Becky said...

Caspian looks like such a little boy now. He will be a wonderful big brother.
The pancakes sound YUMMY - we will be there. :)
Hugs and prayers for you!!

Love you.

Matthew & Kate said...

I'm ready to meet that baby!