Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Before we start this picture extravaganza, I'd like to draw your attention to Perrin's updated picture in the right sidebar. RED eyebrows! :)

On a recent trip back from SC for Charlie's grandma's funeral, we made a leg-stretching stop at one of those obnoxious rest stop fireworks stores. It had a bunch of fun stuff for kids outside (naturally), so Caspian wanted his picture taken as he played.

Perrin was so worn out after all that sitting-in-a-carseat-and-being-carried that even nursing was taxing.

Perrin has developed nice kung-fu moves, though.

Boxing was his thing back when he was a week and a half old.

(Joey Tribbiani) "How YOU doin'?"

love these continuous mode shots (he was just bobbing and lip-smacking, but it looks like I caught a surprised moment)

...maybe not all of them are so great (double rude, son)

Milestone #2 for the week: he sat up today! Well, sat over-and-up! Click for a bigger view.


Marissa said...

You just brightened my day with this post! Could your kids be any cuter? REALLY!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness. Those boys are just too adorable!! Kiss Kiss Kiss. I can't believe that Caspian will be 3 and how much Perrin has changed! Love those eyebrows.

Amelia sends hugs.