Thursday, July 16, 2009

Check out Caspian's new profile pic, on the right! It doesn't show off his hair, but at least he's smiling. Okay, he's not actually smiling...I asked him to say "Batman" and took a picture. But it looks like a smile, right? He actually has no clue who Batman is, but he got a Batman-with-sword action figure from my grandparents for his upcoming birthday and LOVES it. I mean, it holds a sword, mom.

He also got a sweet apron (which he wore to help with dinner tonight) and a rockin' cowboy outfit:

You totally want this outfit for yourself in grownup size, don't you? The chaps go really well with his Cars training pants. It came with a map, chaps, a "real working canteen!", a vest-with-a-badge, a hat, a bandanna, and two arm cuff things. The first picture is him standing so I can take a picture. The second picture is what happened after I asked him "Do you have a belt buckle?" (lean over to look at belt buckle) and "Would you please stand up straight so I can see your belt buckle?" (stand up high on tiptoes and concentrate so hard on doing it "straight" that his eyes bug out). How mom am I that when I look at that second pic all I want to do is kiss his little tummy and the sweet little crook of his elbow?

I finally put some real posts on my Beauty Blog again. Well, I started them. They'll be posted later, because I have to go make dinner now. It would help if someone (anyone!) would post a skin care or cosmetics question on there!

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