Friday, July 24, 2009

We made the trip to Levi Jackson State Park in London, KY on Tuesday to meet with the Cole Family for a joint 3rd-birthday cookout for our toddlers (who share a birthday). I can't believe Caspian will be 3 on Sunday. The park and the visit were sooooo awesome! First off, we L-O-V-E the Cole family. Second, Ed Cole snagged us a picnic shelter that had real bathrooms and a playground. Third, the food was really, really good. Fourth, the weather was perfect. Fifth, we L-O-V-E the Cole family. We all had a blast, and the London exit off 75 has pretty much every business that we'd need should we decide to stay overnight there some time. London is exactly halfway between Wilmore and Knoxville, so it's now our official meeting place. We're even going to visit the World Chicken Festival in September! It's going to be so exciting getting to create these family memories together in the years to come.

Because I'm too tired to reorder them, here are the photos in reverse-alphabetical order according to their file names (which is how they uploaded):

Caspian enjoyed sliding at the state park playground

His hair enjoyed the static it created.

Caspian wore his birthday apron to help crush crackers for tuna cakes.

Dueling Potties! This was not even staged, folks. Two toddlers, one birthday. Two potties, one brand. Two snacks, one fruit. Heck, even their clothes matched! LOL

We got a chocolate truffle cake from Wal-Mart for their birthday cake (heck, $8 for a Bill Knapps replacement cake? no-brainer). Caspian and Charlie shared a piece, but Caspian turned it around and ate all the icing off the end when Charlie left to change Perrin's diaper.

Beautiful Becky Cole holds my Perrin.

Perrin's 3-month well-baby checkup was this morning. He weighs 15lb 11oz and is 24.5" tall! The doctor proclaimed him "perfect" and said he's doing so well, we don't need to come back until 6 months. Perrin loves to sing along with me when I sing to him. He's so full of joy and expresses opinions on everything. I think his teeth are starting to bother him, as he bit me while nursing for the first time on Monday and he chews his hands even when he's not hungry (which causes the drool factor to go up).

Caspian pooped in his potty for the FIRST TIME EVER yesterday! How odd to think that it's the first time in his life he didn't do it in his pants. Anyway, we had quite a few runaround days last week, and his potty training totally regressed since he's only comfortable using his own little potty (not big strange toilets). Yesterday was a "naked day" so he could get used to sitting on the potty again when the urge hit. We'll get there!


Becky Naffine said...

Its so nice to see you guys getting together again and becoming such great friends. Did I mention I am jealous? I love the matching potty's! I haven't seen one like that in Australia, what brand is it? Big congrats to Caspian for doing poo on the potty! Happy birthday to to our three little munchkins for tomorrow (26th).

Becky said...

Oh my goodness!! YOU are so good. :)
Love this post - we had so much fun.

Can't wait to do it again.
Love you.