Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I finally dumped my cell phone! (I mean, I downloaded the pics to my computer.) It was mostly Cake Wreck submissions, but here are some others:

Caspian "shooting dinosaurs" at Wal-Mart (we never put in money)

Caspian the photographer instructs his model to "look surprised"

Caspian the photographer shoots his pregnant mommy on the sly

the Sharpie Wall at Office Depot **drool**
for Hilary, this is like Monica and the notebook (2:45-3:00)

Perrin wanted my thumb edge to stay in his mouth, so he grabbed my hand :)

Guess who rolled over yesterday? My baby! We were at the dermatologist's office, and I laid him on the paper-covered table so I could change clothes, and the little stinker got bored of talking to me, turned away, and flung himself over to the right! Fortunately, that was the wall side (plus, I grabbed him on instinct before he would've fallen anyway — go Mommy Reflexes™). Last night, whenever Charlie laid him down , he tried rolling off, too.

Perrin Chats & Smiles

Caspian is doing well with potty training here at home, but to date has refused going outside the house on a strange toilet (and still doesn't go #2 in the potty at all). Last night was almost a test of other-pottyness, as he actually said that he wanted to go sit on the potty, but the restroom was flooded with an inch of water. We ran another errand and came home, and he still had all 3 flags on his pull-up! Yay!

His big thing right now is asking for food after we brush his teeth for bed. The first time, I asked if his mouth wanted food or if his tummy was hungry. He said his tummy was hungry (and we'd had a weirdly-timed dinner), so we gave him some cheese or something and brushed his teeth again. We explained that he needs to tell us when he's hungry so we can give him food, but eating time is over once we brush teeth for the night. Now, however, it's a nightly occurrence. Instead of just asking for food, he says, "My tummy is hungry!" Let me tell you, it broke my heart having my child on the verge of tears last night, begging me for food. (cue violins) BUT, last night he repeatedly refused offers of food, both for and after dinner, so my sympathies did not come into play. Once we got into bed to read a book, he didn't bring it up even once.

Speaking of which, it's amazing what is in-born in children. What kind of cosmic joke is it that children naturlly ask for a drink of water once they're in bed? Neither Charlie nor I get a drink before bed, and we don't keep water by the bed, yet about 4-5 months ago Caspian started asking for a drink of water once we're in bed! Funny.

I'm trying to get on a better schedule, so we're going to try meal planning. I'm not used to cooking actual dishes for dinner (just á là carte), so this is very daunting. Also, our freezer space is nil. We'll be starting slow on this one! LOL Now, if only I had some Seven-Layer Bars to sustain me... :)

One positive step toward this whole "cooking" thing is that my KitchenAid is usable! It's been sitting in the car (for six months) and on the kitchen floor (for seven months) since Christmas 2007. We took it to my mom's to help with family dinner, and it started leaking oil. First, we didn't get around to looking up KitchenAid repair places, then we had no money, then we forgot, then we kept forgetting, then I found out we'd have to pay to ship it for repairs, then we forgot about it again, then Charlie looked up the problem on the internet and found out that the tiny amount of oil leakage is common and doesn't matter!

Off to search Craig's List for a chest freezer!

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Becky said...

woo hoo for your Kitchen Aide. :)
Of all of those adorable photos, I hate to say that my favorite is the wall of Sharpies!!! LOL