Thursday, January 18, 2007

Caspian just waits until we get his diaper off and then "pop!" -- in goes the left foot! I have to pry it out of his mouth in order to get his diaper back on.

Caspian's not eating on the right side. I'll latch him on the left and switch, and he stops after 5 minutes or just barely sucks. I'll try the paci switch, and he just refuses. I can get him to eat for a while if he's mostly asleep or super hungry, but he never drains the right side. He's congested today, too, which doesn't help. When I try to sucker-bulb his nose, Caspian grabs my hand with his hands and thrashes his head back and forth. I need one hand to hold the aspirator, one or two to hold down his arms, and two to hold his head still!

Reading for pleasure is the big thing I miss from pre-baby. Aside from the fact that it has always been my favorite pasttime, Charlie's and my favorite date was to sit in armchairs at Barnes & Noble and read until they closed. It was even the last thing we did before checking into the hospital! I still need to finish that Terry Pratchett book...


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