Monday, January 15, 2007

We'll have to stop using Caspian's bouncy seat in the bathroom soon. He's been pulling himself up on the toy bar and recently started ducking his head underneath to try to get out. He might tip it before too much longer.

Most of the time, Caspian falls asleep on me (especially during his feeding strike). He has just started continuing his naps on our bed, with the Boppy cupping his upper body (below). That way, his arms hit something when he startles and he doesn't wake up. Sometimes I'll put his Baby Glowworm on him, too, so it feels like my arm. Other than that, he'll only nap on me or in the swing...although the swing is becoming less reliable.

Caspian got dedicated yesterday! He wore the shirt we bought for him to wear at my brother's wedding when he was six weeks old. It actually fit this time. The blessing the pastor chose for him was from Proverbs 11:28 - "May you thrive like a green leaf because you trust in the Lord." Pics later...

My CD drive is fried. For some reason, it no longer recognizes if/that there's a CD even in there. New ones cost $150, so it'll be a while before I get to install the cool new makeover software I just bought.

Last night was a little better, feed-wise. Caspian wouldn't go to sleep until 12, then started sleep-thrashing at 4 and 6. I changed him and tried to feed him at 4, but he fell asleep before eating. When he was thrashing at 6, all I had to do was sit up with him and he fell back asleep. Hopefully this will lead to the 6-7-8 hour sleeps we were getting used to.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot! I got out of bed around 8 this morning and left Caspian laying asleep in the Boppy like he does for his nap. I came back into the bedroom to check on him and saw that his eyes were WIDE open and he was laying perfectly still, checking it all out. You know how it is when you wake up disoriented in a strange place and don't see anyone familiar, like the first night in a hotel room? Well, he had that look on his face, eyes wide! The cool part is, when I walked in the room and he saw me, he just made the tiniest "huh" grunt -- like, "Mommy? I don't know where I am and I'm afraid to move, but it's nice to see you're here!"

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