Friday, January 12, 2007

My unofficial resolutions are to manage my time better, do something active each week, and start doing daily devotions again like when I was pg. Oh, yeah -- and get all the moving boxes taken care of!

I can't wait until Caspian has more hair! I had a dream that I was watching him as he sat up on the floor, and he just kept getting older and older. I got to see him as a toddler, etc. and was really excited at how cute he was.

Caspian can't sit up long without reaching for something and folding in half. He has almost done half a crawl quite a few times. He's gotten his foot and knee up under himself and started to push...but then he collapses. He keeps trying to sit up in whatever we put him in, even if it's already angled mostly upright (swing, carseat). The Bumbo's the only real sit-up thing we have, but he keeps dropping toys and then can't reach them. Plus, he started arching his back to get out and almost pops out of the seat! When I put him in the Boppy on the floor, he does a sideways roll out of it after about 15 seconds. My parents have a walker thing, but I'm afraid if we get one he'll be in it all the time...

Caspian's been eating better (with less of a fight) the last few days, but he's all congested when he wakes up and coughs off and on all day. He also has what seems to be a combination of diarrhea and constipation. His teeth still bother him, but we keep him on Tylenol every 4 hours or so. The nurse practitioner at the ped's said we could give him Benadryl for the congestion and coughing, but I hate to do that if nothing's really wrong...

Charlie's 7½ year-old niece said the funniest baby quote while we were together over New Year's. Typically, I'm pretty diligent about keeping at least my peripheral vision focused on Caspian's waving limbs -- just for my own safety. For some odd reason, though, I completely focused on something else for a few seconds while I was holding him one evening, and BAM!! He jammed three of his fingers directly into my eyeball. I was so absorbed in whatever I was looking at, I didn't even lower my eyelid first. When Charlie asked if I could see, I honestly replied, "I don't know." I have never before been poked in the eye without at least a hint it was coming first...and it hurt. Everyone else was concerned with how I was doing, but Charlie's niece (in all her childlike wisdom) just shrugged and observed, "The worst thing about babies is they'll just punch you right in the eye." The way she said it was so matter-of-fact -- it was priceless.

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