Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Click here to make yourself into an M&M! They give you funny name options when you save them, too. Here are mine and Caspian's.

He grabs our faces and hair all the time and pulls our heads to his-- we think he's trying to kiss us. I love Caspian's mouth, tongue, and all. There are so many things moms tolerate/love that normal people wouldn't in general society.

Caspian's first experience with snow was on Monday, when it was blowing but not sticking. It blew in his face as I carried him to the car -- he did not appreciate it.

He is turning into a major chatterbox. If he knew real words, he'd be talking up a it is, he's "ya ya ya"ing and "wuh bah"ing and "ah gah yuh"ing and "heh yeh"ing his head off! Sometimes he just moves his mouth without makingany noise. His newest thing is talking with his mouth full -- yep, he talks, growls, and blows raspberries while his mouth is full of bbs. But if he hums with his mouth full, watch out -- it means he's pushing something out. He's also getting adept at putting the breast back in his own mouth if he pulls off. Of course, it's done by grabbing a large handful of flesh and pulling it toward the ceiling so he can latch onto the right spot. If you think that's nothing, you have no idea how strong the grip of a 6 month-old is...

6 month check-up yesterday: 18lbs, 4oz (I think that was the ounceage), 27 inches, and a "perfect" diagnosis. When we brought him back from being weighed and he was standing (still naked) on the table facing me, he decided to urinate all up and down my front. He got me from shirt to shoes, then stopped...then went again! It's the first time I've been christened since his first tub bath!

He's really responding to the signs we've started with him. We do "boo" (as in "-bies" ) and "diaper" before we plan to do either activity. Now if he wants that particular thing, he'll grin and grab at the hand making the sign (or twitch his whole body, if he really wants it)! It's so exciting.

Caspian sat up for about 10 minutes yesterday! I was so shocked. Whenever he started to teeter from leaning over, he caught himself! I feel like he's such a grown-up, now. It's so liberating to be able to sit on the bed with Charlie and watch a movie, with Caspian sitting by himself in my lap. It's the same kind of liberation we felt when he could reliably hold up his head.

Did my first BFing in front of customers yesterday, too! I must admit, that was not a milestone I was anticipating.
I took Caspian with me to drop off some product to a customer, and she asked me to stay to discuss MK with some of her friends (all Korean seminary students' wives). He'd refused to eat before we left, so he got hungry after about an hour there. I said he needed to eat and made motions to leave, but she said "No, just do it here. It's okay!" They had all breastfed their own kids, so they didn't even bat an eye. I don't think I'll try it around any of my American customers anytime soon, though.

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