Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fluff update!

switching hats with Grandpa Kirk at Wilmore Old-Fashioned Christmas

He loves getting drinks from our kitty-discipline squirt bottles. Charlie took this picture when Caspian figured out how to squirt himself (which he did in his own face, on purpose, several times).

We love our family bed!

right after Charlie's work Christmas dinner (us) & right after a big drink of water (Caspian)

my sick boy, cuddling with Grandma Bonnie last week

...not too sick to notice the forbidden glasses, though.

Charlie left his too-big sweatshirt in the living room yesterday, and when it was spread out it looked like a Caspian-sized bearskin rug. The fact that Caspian willingly laid on it the way I wanted is an indication of how tired he was.

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