Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve eve (AKA 12/23)

Everyone in the Fiskeaux and Fraser families went to the Christmas Eve service at the Wilmore Free Methodist Church, and Caspian stayed with us in the service. He was so good! Most of the time, he played with the candles and candle holders with his grandmas. One man mentioned the "little baby Jesus" in his prayer, and in the midst of the solomn silence that followed...Caspian burst out laughing! I was sitting next to an old high school friend who nudged me when it happened (like, "That's your son!"), and we both started giggling.

Caspian enjoyed having the run of the church's long aisles (especially since Aunt Stephanie was trailing behind).

Later, Caspian gave his first address from the pulpit.

Afterwards, we went back to the Fiskeauxs for the family gift exchange.

Caspian later put his new Water Symphony dolphin set to the test...

...and "found" the star!

Mommy got new boots from Daddy. Yay, Daddy!

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