Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fraser family Christmas was awesome. Stu and Steph and Duncan all got to come home this year. As usual, we all wore pajamas all day long, and the kids woke mom and dad in the traditional manner — by running in and jumping on their bed, screaming. All the hoopla eventually got to some of the more fragile family members.

Caspian discovered that Aunt Stephanie, of course, was the best food book reader.

Most of the time, however, the grown kids played with our new Wii. We mostly stuck to tennis (which made it more fun to watch the flailing IRL players) and bowling (which resulted in fewer injuries). I cracked Charlie's elbow once in tennis, and dad clocked one of the boys...twice. The next morning, we were soooo sore from our sweaty workout! Eventually we even got mom involved, which was a mistake considering she played competitive tennis. Steph and I even prepared traditional bowling alley food (mozzarella sticks, pizza, nachos, and jalepeƱo poppers) for our bowling marathon one night!

Friday for lunch we all went to Tomo for sushi. I got a double helping of eel (naturally) with miso soup. Caspian so impressed Uncle Duncan with his prowess in straw-bubble-blowing, that Duncan shared his miso with him (he also ate tempura, rice, and noodles from various other family members).

While at Tomo, he showed off his entire complement of eating signs:
more, thank you, all done...

...and, although there were none: cookie.

Also over the holiday, Caspian picked up a new "sign" from Grandma Bonnie: "Praise Jesus!"

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