Tuesday, January 01, 2008

On New Year's Eve, Caspian and I got to hang out briefly at a friend's house on our way home from Wal-Mart, but we spent most of the late evening playing the Wii. Despite the fact that our entire family was convinced the computer was programmed not to allow it, I scored the very first turkey (three strikes in a row) in Wii bowling! It was very exciting.

Random fluff catch-up from fall/winter 2007!

Where are my pants, grandma!?

(his dark blue sock is covering his right hand, if you're wondering where it went)

flannel man!

1st time wearing his new mittens

shopping with grandma and grandpa

One night, Charlie was trying to wear Caspian out before bedtime, so he chased him all over the house. Caspian lured Charlie into the kitchen and stood waiting for him next to the table. As Charlie approached, Caspian tossed a toy into the cats' food area, so Charlie bent over to retrieve it — and Caspian took off running in the opposite direction! The little scamp. Every time Caspian passed the room where I was, he'd run in and grab me (like I was "safe").

One of our biggest "finds" in December was at Burlington Coat Factory. We picked up a 2-in-1 Harness Buddy cum monkey backpack. It is the best thing, ever. The chest and waist straps are the monkey's arms and legs, and the clip-on tail is the leash for the parent to hold. Caspian enjoyed just wearing it around the house, but it was a lifesaver at Joseph-Beth. He could stroll along wherever he liked, while we held onto the hand loop at the end of the monkey's tail. He is already "over" the stroller, so we needed an alternative for when carrying him isn't practical. We keep it in the car now, so it's always handy.

(We tried to get Caspian to hold still AND look up at the camera so we could take a picture of him in it, so I asked "Where's your tummy?")

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