Friday, January 11, 2008

It's seriously funny how we try to get Caspian to do/say his newest trick/word over and over (and of course he stops doing it as soon as we get the camera)...yet it gets really tedious when he asks us to read the same board book 87 times in a row. LOL

I would love to night wean Caspian. He doesn't nurse every night, but it feels like most nights, KWIM? The problem is, when he sits up in bed and signs for "boo," nothing will put him back to sleep except nursing; not rocking, not cuddling, not paci...

Caspian has slept through lunch for two days now, and when he wakes up, he has no interest in eating — just playing. Most of the time when he's hungry, he signs "food", but it didn't happen (and I asked several times, even taking him in to his chair in the kitchen). Although he did repeat "banana," "apple," and "egg" over and over after waking up this morning (even though he wanted cereal for breakfast ).

They featured these clear, customizable drawer dividers on Martha Stewart today. How neat are those? I would L-O-V-E to get some for my inventory drawers...

Caspian's newest pleasure is climbing up onto a kitchen chair. It has one rung at the bottom, which is enough to boost him up so his knee can reach the seat. He feels like such a big man up on that grown-up chair!

I started a Beauty Blog, if you need one more thing to do online. :) Feel free to post comments and questions!

Major (bad) adrenaline rush tonight. We were taking turns playing Wii (so the other could watch Caspian), and it was my turn to bowl. I took a step back to start my swing — and I ran into and literally stepped on my own son because Charlie had let him walk right up behind me! It was really scary, because I had lost my balance from knocking him down while perched on one leg, and I had to choose between stepping on him and falling down on top of him. Not good choices! I flailed vainly, twisting to find purchase on bare floor instead of Caspian-covered floor. I ended up not falling, but he was knocked flat on his back, and I stepped (lightly) on him twice. He was sobbing (more out of extreme shock than injury) and I was furious. Grrr...

Caspian has been scratching at his tushy cheek for weeks now. We put hydrocortisone on it, but his little fingers reach straight for it whenever his diaper comes off. It's hard to tell what is scratch marks and what is rash/whatever. It fluctuates between nothing and this:

Any clue what it is? Sorry about the fuzzy picture. It's hard to get a clear close-up of a squirmy toddler's behind when you are the one holding said toddler...

76% Tom Tancredo
73% Mike Huckabee
68% Ron Paul
65% John McCain
64% Mitt Romney
64% Fred Thompson
55% Bill Richardson
49% Rudy Giuliani
44% Chris Dodd
43% Barack Obama
42% Hillary Clinton
41% John Edwards
33% Mike Gravel
32% Joe Biden
26% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

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