Friday, January 18, 2008

new favorite photo:

(Think his pinky's missing? It's curved into my eye socket!)

Add Caspian to the new tooth club! I don't know which is which , but he's got all eight front (top and bottom), plus two more on his left and a new one just poking through on the bottom right.

In order for me to get dishes done sometimes, Caspian has to help. During one recent session, he occupied himself by turning the toaster on and off (Fin supervised). When I realized it was going to get too hot to touch if he left it on for a while, I told him so; now he says/signs "hot" when he sees it.

Charlie's sister is the administrative assistant for the director of food services at Asbury, so Charlie, Caspian, and I have lunch with her once a week in the cafeteria. Whenever we go, it overlaps the beginning of Caspian's nap time. He gets so worked up around all those college students (not to mention his "girlfriends"=the kitchen staff) that he usually conks out as soon as we get home. Yesterday he fell asleep after only BFing on one side — and he slept for 3½ hours! It was crazy. When Charlie came home from work, he was still asleep.

This afternoon when we were cuddling on the couch, he reached up and placed his hands on either side of my face. I could've stayed like that forever. My precious little man!

enjoying a sandwich, courtesy of Daddy

He's also started being more definite about what he wants. When I was reluctant to get up one morning, he wrapped his arms around my arm and tried to pull me up! Even better: when he's stitting on my lap and I have my arm around him, he'll push and pull and reposition my arms until they're where he wants them to be, then hold my arms in place. Sigh.

One of our regular games is car chase (when Caspian wants to play, he makes a car noise). He has two soft Tonka cars whose wheels move, and his buddy, Toby, straddles one pretty well. I'll take Toby, sit him on a car, and chase Caspian in a circle around and around where I'm sitting on the floor. Sometimes Caspian laps Toby, so Toby has to turn around and "run away" in the other direction.

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