Saturday, January 05, 2008

Paci has now become "bah bah bah". We were trying to get him to start saying at least the initial consonant sounds of familiar words, and paci used to be "puh puh puh puh". Then we tried getting him to say "păh" for the first syllable of "paci," and it became "bah bah bah" instead.

Caspian said "baby" today, clear as day. Charlie and I were looking at pictures of a friend's new baby during lunch, and Caspian looked over and said, "beh-beh" in a low voice. Charlie and I looked at him in astonishment and asked, "What did you say?" "Beh-beh," he repeated, looking at the picture. Amazed, I asked, "Did you just say 'baby'?" The little stinker grinned at me and said, "dat." Now he's all about babies. He sees them everywhere and has to point them out with a "beh-beh."

Yesterday for lunch, Caspian and I had spinach and leftover lasagna. I let him use his own fork, so he got a nice bath afterwards. I don't know whether I like the eyebrow or the nostril better. At one point, the clumps on his bib formed a very flattering goatee.

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