Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Caspian asked for apple at breakfast this morning, and it was the first time I'd heard him make both sounds for it ("ayh"+"puh"). We're really enjoying hearing "real" words come out of Caspian's mouth finally...but boy, am I grateful for signing! Charlie just remarked yesterday how frustrated we all would be if we didn't sign with Caspian but he still didn't really talk at this point.

We posted a new video yesterday of Caspian jamming to a Psalty song. If you listen hard at some points, you can hear him keening along.

We went to Goodwill yesterday to get some wool sweaters to recycle into longies (jackpot! ). When we passed the electronics section, Caspian picked up a computer mouse whose cord was looped up and rubber-banded. For the entire rest of our trip, he carried the mouse around the store with his wrist through the cord loop, swishing the a Wii remote.

We had Caspian in wool yesterday, and when Charlie put him in his jammies, he forgot to use the PUL cover I'd left sitting out. Thank goodness he added a hemp fleece doubler! Caspian's PJs still stunk, but at least nothing leaked out...

I got 71% on the SciFi Sounds Quiz, but I did purely guess at about 8 or 9 questions.

These only works if you have a LiveJournal username (they fill in your team with your friends list). Many of my "right" answers weren't given as choices, but ya gotta work with what ya got...

LiveJournal Username
Why you did it
Your lair
Your hideous secret weapon
Your favourite colour
Beautiful and exotic but deadly eastern lieutenantminikin
Henchperson who constantly plays with knifesminikin
Your perverted scientific geniusroina_arwen
You cordon bleu chefroina_arwen
Lieutenant with serious moral qualmstaliajenea
Number of countries subverted16

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LiveJournal Username
Your Primary Super Power
Location of Head Quarters
Primary Costume/Uniform Colors
Why are you a Superhero?
Your Superheroic Codename
The veteran grim member of the teamroina_arwen
The sexist and crass but annoyingly effective oneminikin
The bright-eyed novice or sidekicktaliajenea
The teammate that will eventually go evil or insantaliajenea
The inept yet determined/reoccurring supervillaintaliajenea
The sinister Arch-Villain and team's greatest foeminikin
The perky civilian that keeps getting kidnappedtaliajenea
How often does your team actually 'save the day'?


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