Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whenever Caspian sees flowers now, he sniffs — even from far away! When we were in Michael's last night, he just went crazy around all those artificial flowers everywhere.

I was too lazy to put on both our coats just to get the mail the other day, so I just wrapped us up in a sweater together. Caspian liked looking at us in the camera's viewfinder.

I have officially started crocheting, in order that someday I might make Caspian some custom wool longies. I bought the Klutz crochet book, since it seemed the least intimidating. Of course, I also bought five or six wool sweaters from Goodwill to "recycle" but haven't gotten up the nerve to cut them apart yet...primarily because we don't have a pair of longies that fit him the way I want that we can use as a pattern. His Babyology wool tends to pouch in front and back, like this:

YAY! We get to take a family vacation to Atlanta in April, and Charlie just found out that we get to go to New Orleans beforehand! He's going to a professional conference for the few days before our Atlanta trip, so Caspian and I are going to go with him and hang out at the hotel instead of having him fly back and forth right before our trip. I'm too scared to take Caspian around by myself during the conference days, but we should really enjoy a little time to see the sights in the evenings.

Some friends and I were discussing "loveys" that their kids have to have for bedtime. I'm pretty sure that Charlie is Caspian's lovey. Unless he's super tired or falls asleep BFing before bed, he will not go to sleep until Charlie gets in bed with us.

Caspian just started saying "Eeyore." My mom has a cup with Eeyore, Pooh, and Tigger on it, and he just fixated on Eeyore for some reason. It's so exciting to hear him try to say real words! "Boat" is another new one. He also impressed me yesterday with his mental vocabulary. He got out his Happy Baby ABCs book and I'd ask him where the ___ was (frog, leaf, vacuum cleaner, tomato, etc.)...and he'd flip right to it and point! Vacuum cleaner is always "brrrr" (although I don't know how he'd know, since we never do it). He even seemed to know immediately whether the item I asked about was in the front or back of the book and went forward or backward from the page we were on, without hesitation!

We're pretty sure Caspian had a growth spurt this week. I swear he was taller when he woke up on Sunday than when he went to bed.

This is how I woke up on Tuesday. Without sitting up, I could only see that his right foot was on top of me. I decided to lift his foot off by picking up his pants leg, but I was so groggy, I kept fumbling at his cuff and wondering why it was scalloped...turns out it was the toes of his left foot!

Caspian had a bad nightmare on Tuesday night. He woke up sobbing so hard and wouldn't stop no matter what. When he latched on, he'd calm down just fine until he drifted back off to sleep — at which point he'd start crying again. I've had that kind of nightmare that wakes you up in horror, but when you finally fall asleep again it picks right back up where you left off. I tried rocking him, holding him, talking to him, praying over him...finally we had to go in and change his diaper to get him to wake up fully and break the cycle. I think his nightmare had something to do with the kitchen, because all he wanted to do after he woke up was take us in there and show us certain things before going back to bed.

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Messie-Bessie said...

This is so delightful! Your writing style (coupled with the photos) really brings these snippets of your motherly observations into focus. Well done!

I can't repeat this often enough: Caspian is SO blessed to have such an observant, intuitive mother as you!! You really minimize his frustrations while helping him reach his potential.