Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to my mommy!!!

I spent an hour and a half doing dishes yesterday (an accumulation of 2 weeks with me in a wrist brace), so Caspian had a very busy morning. First he played in the living room (where all his toys are) while we listened to Psalty music. Then he wanted to be in the kitchen too, so he emptied out one of the pots-and-pans cabinets. After tiring of that, I showed him that his new pop beads could be sorted into said pots and pans. Later, I revealed to him that the magnets from the fridge could be stuck to the metal baby gate (which he thought was the funniest thing he'd ever seen). 10 minutes later, I showed him that they also stuck to the other metal baby gate. He followed that by emptying out the plasticware cabinet entirely, and finally climbed up on a chair to help me. By "help" I mean scoop water onto the countertop and stick soapy utensils in his mouth. He thought it was very novel, however, and it lasted for 15-20 minutes. He finally got down and played for a while more, but when I went through the gate to the hallway to retreive some errant magnets, he tried to head off down to the bedroom. I took him with me back into the kitchen to clean up his toys and he dry-cried so hard his face literally turned purple — you know, that soundless, tearless, open-mouthed wail that lasts for 10 full seconds? Poor guy was so tired, he just wanted to go have some "boo" and take a nap. I soothed and cuddled him and explained that we had to pick up his toys first, but that I would help him do it. He was a little draggy and sniffly, but he did it anyway. Good boy!

His big obsession is with music. When there's a really good song on (or at least one he likes), Caspian "conducts" and/or does his bouncy dance (plant feet, bend elbows, clench fists, bounce at the knees). Much to my chagrin and embarrassment, he did an even more elaborate and expressive wiggle/bounce dance to the country music that was playing in a store we visited last week. Sigh. Last night, he regaled us with several original tunes on our electronic piano. He is so intent when he's playing and sometimes will dance to his own tunes if he likes them well enough. He also enjoys changing the "voice" of the notes to different instruments, like harpsichord, drum, horns, etc. Most of the time he alternates mashing his hands down on the keys, but last night he experimented with holding down chords (sometimes crooning along) and with scrunching his fingers over the keys (as if his stationary hands were clawing at them). We'll have to upload the video sometime.

Please pray for our college friends and their new daughter:
We would appreciate the prayers of the community for our six-week-old granddaughter, Mirabel, who has been in the pediatric ward since the evening of Dec. 31. Mirabel is suffering with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), which is especially dangerous to children under one year of age. She has been receiving breathing treatments and oxygen; but, as of this afternoon her condition had become slightly worse. If she declines further, she will be transferred and placed on a respirator. Aside from coveting prayers for Mirabel, we would also ask prayers for her parents, Chris and Kimberly, who need added strength during this difficult time.

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