Monday, January 07, 2008

Another Burlington Coat Factory find is sort of from his great-grandparents Higginbotham. We put their Christmas money for him toward a little chair of his own. But of course, we couldn't just get him any old chair...

I caught Caspian mid-blink in this pic, but I wanted to show the dragon's tail and wings.

The first thing he did when we walked into the living room this morning was make a fist, swish it back and forth (as if he were holding a sword), and point to the Wii remotes. Same thing again after his nap. All that because Charlie taught him how to "play" tennis and golf on the Wii! Caspian even has his own Mii. For golf, you just have to hold down a large button and swish your Wii-mote. Charlie actually played doubles tennis with him too, since you only have to swing your Wii-mote like a racket when the ball flies by. I told Caspian he had to wait until Daddy got home to play.

Right now, Caspian is walking around the living room holding a throw pillow in front of his face. He keeps deliberately running into things and tumbling over. Goofy boy!


We played in the park for an hour today — in sandals! It was 70 degrees outside. Crazy! Caspian woke up early when Charlie left for work, took a shortened nap, skipped lunch, and then ran around outside for an hour. For the last 15-20 minutes, he was practically comotose in a swing. He didn't move, didn't look up...and he even started nodding off! Whenever I tried to stop him and take him out, he clutched tightly to the swing and tried rocking himself back and forth. When I finally got him to agree to get down (presumably to go home), he just wanted to run around some more and wouldn't hold my hand to walk home. Eventually I just picked him up and headed off, expecting a struggle, but instead he clutched his arms around my neck and held me all the way home.

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