Monday, June 23, 2008

Let me back up. Last Tuesday there was a Mary Kay event in Lexington to wrap up the final quarter of the Seminar year. Of all the people in attendance, I was shocked (truly) to be recognized as having the highest retail sales for the entire quarter! I got flowers and a tiara and it was totally unexpected. That event was also the first time I got to wear my red jacket in public, too. One other first, that not all of you will appreciate: it was my first time back in an underwire since sometime in my first trimester (early spring 2006). Talk about weird! That night I also experimented with not wearing a sleep bra — it worked! Ahhhhh...

On Thursday, my Red Jacket Debut was awesome! My friends/family/guests completely filled half of the seats at the Pampering Center. It was so incredible to have those who came, come to support me. I smiled so hard throughout the whole thing, my scalp hurt!

My dad took this picture outside the training center:

Caspian is turning into a parrot. He will almost always repeat the main word/phrase of whatever your statement is. He's also getting into concepts. For example, whenever we're about to get in the car or take a bite of food, he asks, "Hot?" No. "Cold?" No. "Warm!" Yes. "[just] Right!" (like in Goldilocks). His other big thing is happy or sad (and "cry"). He just cracks me up all the time. He is so awesome. He's so brilliant! And sweet! And funny! And gorgeous! And kindhearted! And strong! And WONDERFUL! I love him.

One more milestone: on Saturday night, we were all sitting in the living room together when Caspian suddenly insisted that he wanted to go through the gate into the other part of the house, and that he wanted both Charlie and me to go too...? We kept asking him where he wanted to go and why, but he just kept insisting that we all go. Finally he said he wanted us to go to the potty. We were so clueless, we kept trying to narrow it down (you want mommy to go potty? you want daddy to go potty? we don't have to go potty, sweetheart...). Turned out that Caspian wanted us to take him to the potty! We only realized this after he started pushing there in the living room and it was too late. Can you say, "Duh," first-timers?

Here's a little "blast from the past" for you!

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