Monday, June 02, 2008

Prayer Request for Our Car!

Early last week, the knob that adjusts the driver's side seat (raise and lower) dislodged. It could still spin, but it didn't engage. Fortunately, the seat was then stuck in the "up" position, so I could still see out (poor Charlie couldn't see stoplights, though, since he was hitting the ceiling). At the end of last week, the A/C started cutting out. It would be on for 30 minutes, then gone until the car had a chance to sit again, then on for 10, then gone, etc. We figured we'd take it in to get looked at sometime this week, since we're supposed to drive to South Carolina this weekend (and see good friends in Knoxville on the way).

As we were driving home yesterday afternoon, the "check engine" light came on. Once we got home, I went inside to get some things together while Charlie sat in the car with (a sleeping) Caspian. Fifteen minutes later, I came back outside and smelled burning oil. The car had started making weird rattling noises, too, so Charlie turned it off. He looked under the hood, then back at the heat gauge — off-the-charts hot. After waiting 10 minutes, he tried restarting the car. It died immediately on every attempt. This morning (after sitting all night) it started on the first try, but the service guy from Toyota said not to drive it.

At noon today, someone towed our car to Toyota. We got the following diagnosis: towing = $60; replace broken seat-adjuster knob = $16; because of a pin-sized hole in the radiator pipe, all the engine coolant had leaked out, causing the overheating = $775 for replacement pipe; all that overheating gunked up the throttle = $58 to flush. But that's not all. Only after all that work will they be able to figure out why the A/C stopped working and if other parts of the engine were damaged by the overheating. Whew.

Good thing God's in charge, huh?

Thanks for praying!

P.S. The interesting thing is, the last time I had a $1,000 Mary Kay week (as I did this past week), we suddenly needed $900 of car repairs. Hmmm...spiritual attack, anyone?

Here's a pick-me-up for your Monday: Caspian's first time holding a ladybug. Well, technically, a it's a ladybug carcass. It was dead on the sidewalk and he proudly carried it home. :)

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