Monday, June 09, 2008

UPDATE: Prayer Request for the Car

We heard back from Toyota today. They replaced the pipes and cleaned everything out, then took it for a test drive. There is an unexplained rattling and the car won't maintain oil pressure. They cannot figure out what is causing these problems, so we have two options. We can either start replacing random parts until we find out what's wrong (expensive) or we can replace the entire engine (expensive). They found us a used engine that only has 83K miles on it for $4500. We don't even have the $900 for the first set of repairs, much less an additional $4500 (or more). Our mechanic is a man we trust to be thorough, so if they can't find the problem's source at the Toyota dealership, we believe them.

Please pray to heal our car, that we choose the right option, and that Charlie gains peace and comfort. This new blow has him reeling.

Guess I'd better hurry up and earn my MK car, huh? ;p

Here are a couple things to take your mind off Satan's attacks:

Caspian told me he drew the letter "u". On the right is the first set of "writing" he did, then he moved his stylus over to the center, drew two specific lines, and said "U!"

Here are the two lines he drew, in case you couldn't see them:

8 slices bacon, crisply cooked
1 medium tomato
1/2 small onion
3 ounces shredded Swiss cheese
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon basil
10 ounce can refrigerated flaky biscuits (with layers that separate)

Preheat oven 375° F. Chop bacon, tomato, and onion. Mix all ingredients except biscuits into 2 quart batter bowl. Separate each biscuit into 3 thinner biscuits. Spritz muffin pans (or mini muffin pans) with cooking spray (like Pam) and lay each biscuit over a cup and shape using miniature-tart shaper. Fill cups with bacon mixture. Bake 10-12 minutes until golden.

This is a Pampered Chef recipe. Literally every PC recipe I've ever made has been amazingly delicious. Here's a catchall website with all the recipes:

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KYredhead said...

Heard this song on KLOVE tonight and thought it was extremely uplifting:

Britt Nicole - "Set The World On Fire" from the album Say It

I wanna set the world on fire
Until it’s burning bright for You
It’s everything that I desire
Can I be the one You use?

I, I am small but
You, You are big enough
I, I am weak but
You, You are strong enough to
Take my dreams
Come and give them wings
Lord with You
There’s nothing I can not do
Nothing I cannot do

I wanna feed the hungry children
And reach across the farthest land
And tell the broken there is healing
And mercy in the Father’s hands


My hands my feet
My everything
My life, my love
Lord, use me

I wanna set the world on fire
I wanna set the world on fire, yeah


I’m gonna set the world on fire
Set the world on fire.