Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I love how Caspian eats with his pinkies up. Usually, he puts both fists up against his temples and just raises those pinkies! My favorite is when he grabs my fingers that are supporting his head and just holds on while he eats. Well, my other favorite is when he stares into my eyes as he's eating. He is so amazing.

I feel better about the pacifier, too. No nipple confusion here! If he just wants to comfort suck, he'll take it. If he wants to eat, he'll take the paci but then screw up his face and spit it out immediately. If he doesn't want anything, he just compresses his lips together! What a smart little boy. Even if we manage to catch his lips open, he'll clench his gums to show he doesn't want it. He does that when he doesn't want any more to eat, too. Nope, mommy, I refuse to open my mouth!

His little noises are great. He makes whiny trumpet sounds like an elephant when he's asleep but stirring. He also growls when he wants to talk. When he cries (which is only at two times: when he has had to wait to eat or when he is naked on the changing table and waiting to eat), it is the most pitiful, heart-wrenching sound in the world. It isn't angry or harsh — it's just sad. You can tell he's just a sad, forlorn little baby. It even sounds like "waah," which totally shocked me.

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