Saturday, August 26, 2006

We got word this morning that my midwife, Beth Broderson, succumbed to cancer last night. I grieve for those who never got to meet her, for those who suddenly have to deliver without her, and, selfishly, for myself -- for my subsequent pregnancies that she won't oversee. She's the only GYN I've ever seen, too, and I waited seven years for the privilege of having her deliver my child. Without exaggeration, she is the most amazing human being I've ever met. Was. She was.

It still isn't real for me -- it's like I'm outside myself. I've never had someone in my circle die before.

Every time I start to cry and call out to Jesus in my pain, He says, "She's with me!" It's kind of like getting slapped, the tears get cut off so abruptly. It makes me feel so selfish when I grieve her. She's not only no longer in pain, but she is totally in her element! Beth really was not part of this world -- she was way too incredibly awesome.

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amy said...

This is rather random...This is Amy, my husband Tyler and I were in the natural childbirth class with you all. I was google searching something and somehow found your website, and realized "Hey, I know them..."
I too am sad over Beth. She was an amazing person. We had our baby on July 19th and she did such a wonderful job. I don't know who we'll have to deliver our next babies, I think I want to have them at home.

Congrats on your little boy! He is so cute and I love his name.

There are a thousand pictures of Rosie here--- ---if you're interested.