Thursday, August 24, 2006

Well, Caspian and I went somewhere without Daddy for the first time in Caspian's life! Ginny and her boys took us to Sonny's BBQ for lunch today...and we survived! No car crash, no contracting the plague, and no panic attacks. Ginny invited us out a few weeks ago, but we were sooo not ready to leave the house yet. I almost declined again today, but decided to bite the bullet instead. Fortunately, Caspian ate for 30 minutes at breakfast (lying down!!), so he slept almost the entire time.

Another first: he officially, indisputably smiled at me! He was on the bed in the Boppy, facing away from the door. I came back in from the bathroom and peeked at him from behind his head, and he looked up and smiled to see me!!! I was so thrilled, I walked around in front of him and kissed his neck and face a bunch of times...and he smiled again!

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