Friday, August 10, 2007

Caspian's still EBF, but I'd LOVE to cut out his night feeds. He had been sleeping through until his last two teeth came in, a few months ago. Ever since, he's woken up at 3, 5, and 7. The whole solid food thing is new to me, and I'm at a loss as to how much/when/ makes me nervous about nutrition. Recently (in the last week or so), his nursing hasn't been as "efficient" -- like, he'll nurse for a normal time period, but he isn't swallowing as often.

He still puts everything in his mouth, eventually. Although the other night, he discovered the coupon drawer and spent 30 or 40 minutes pulling them out and examining them before anything went in his mouth.

I worry about CPS calling on us, with all the bruises on Caspian's legs. He is a fearless little man and crawls right over anything in his path (including his piano/xylophone). Combine that with his learning to walk and being a redhead? Bruise city, baby.

We used some of Caspian's birthday money to get baby gates, which makes my life a heck of a lot easier. We also got a booster seat thing to strap onto a kitchen chair, since we have no room for a high chair. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff in his chair.

* is a tremendous flirt and waves at everyone
* added the "ma" syllable to his babble-cabulary (the day after his birthday)!!!!
* has started hugging me when he's happy (both arms around me, squeezes, and holds) -- hands down, my favorite part of the day
* freaks out when Daddy comes home
* tried whole milk for the first time yesterday...and loved it
* loves our animal noise game, but only makes the noise himself when it's "kitty" or "wolf" (his favorite) He thinks a wolf noise is a high-pitched keening, though. This is what he looks like when he does it:

More fluff:

dressed up for awards night at MK Seminar

on our 7th anniversary

enjoying his birthday cake, three days after his birthday

uncovering the mysteries of curly ribbon

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