Thursday, August 02, 2007


I'm not dead and I'm not avoiding you all! (or "y'all," to use a completely valid contraction)

Much news to catch up on (two months plus without regular posts? eek.) and fun things to share. Weirdest recent occurrence? We put Caspian in the baby swing at the park near our house yesterday, and he was so terrified, he turned grayish-purple and started shaking uncontrollably! It looked just like when he had his seizure. Charlie and I were horrified. At first, I didn't know why he was doing it, and when we took him out, he was fine. We put him back in the swing again, and he started up again, so we abandoned the idea.

Hope to be more consistent this month!

While we were in Texas, we met with one of my close friends from my online buddy group. We all went through our pregnancies together and gave birth last July.

IRL meeting...and no rift in the space-time continuum

having fun splashing together

Which of us do you think is more tired?

Oh, and BTW — I've started working on earning my first free car in Mary Kay!

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