Tuesday, August 28, 2007

From a friend's description of the Ergo baby carrier, I'd use it for doing dishes! I just watched all the videos, and now I really want one. It's so much easier than our Moby! I'd love to get the chance to wear Caspian myself -- normally, Charlie hogs the Moby (and it's a pain to transfer). It looks like the Ergo will be better for my back injury too.

Caspian does the look-at-me-'cause-I-know-you'll-chase-me-when-you-do bit. He'll stop about two feet from the object of his desire, then turn and wait for me to look up. Once I do, he grins, turns, and books it. He is a seriously fast crawler!

Well, he had a bath before 10:30 a.m. I let him "feed" himself yogurt this morning. He started out with big spoonfuls, then ditched the spoon to the cats in favor of the pick-up-the-jar-and-try-to-lick-it-out method. When he realized that wasn't going to work so well, he discovered that he could scoop it out with his fingers. That lead, naturally, to yogurt art. By the time he was finished, well, take a look...

His blister is crusting over nicely, so I let him go sock-free today. If he's too rough and it breaks open, though, it'll be back to the bandage for him!

I'll let you know what the ortho says about my foot MRIs tonight.

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