Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm starting to miss sleep. I've prayed the last three nights, "Lord, please let us all sleep through the night!" but I guess God thinks I can handle waking 3 or 4 times.

Caspian always eats some of what we eat (Mexican, last night), plus drinks a little water or whole milk. He had his first mushrooms last night, which went over well. Incidentally, I found out this morning that neither spinach nor whole beans (from refried beans) digest fully.
Sometimes he eats so much I wonder if he's been hungry all the time and we just assumed he didn't need that much food yet. We all had toast and scrambled eggs with cheese, ham, tomatoes, and spinach for dinner the other night, and he ate like a starved man.

When Charlie comes home from work, Caspian freaks out in a good way. When I first hear the car, I say, "Guess who's home?" and his head whips around toward the door and he starts making excited noises. We open the front door to watch Charlie walk up, and Caspian laughs and bangs on the storm door, hooting for Daddy. He's done it for months now, but it still makes Charlie's day.

Caspian only owns one wheeled vehicle, so he just made the distinction that the wheels go on the ground a couple of weeks ago. He was already pretty good about "racing" it back and forth, but now it's wheels-down.

Prayer Request:

When I came home from an MK appointment Saturday morning, Charlie told me that Caspian had tried to slide down off the couch by himself and hurt his leg. Apparently, he slid off, but one leg was folded up Indian-style, and he landed on it. He crawled around without complaint, but when he tried to stand on it or walk, he cried. He had no trouble when standing on soft surfaces like the bed or my legs.

We took him to the UTC, and the x-rays showed a crumple in his shin (a torus fracture). He also has some soft tissue trauma, the doctor said. They made us an appointment for a pediatric orthopedist tomorrow, but he shouldn't have to have a cast.

All last night, he was very mommy-needy. If I was out of his sight, he cried. Charlie thinks it's because I wasn't there when he got hurt initially. ((guiltguiltguilt)) Last night he woke to feed once an hour from 3-9 a.m.

This morning he's been cruising around using the table as a crutch, but most of the time he keeps his weight off that leg. He keeps testing his boundaries and is getting braver about not sobbing when it hurts (like when he tries to stand, he might whimper or complain once, but he doesn't cry and cry like yesterday, when the pain surprised him).

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