Monday, August 27, 2007

Our mixer scares Caspian, I found out on Friday. Charlie had to take him in the living room until I finished using it, poor thing.

At the end of June, I slammed my foot into a very heavy box (tried to step over it, but my foot hadn't actually cleared when I took the next stride). A few days later, I dropped a very heavy 3-ring binder on the same spot, corner-first. It bruised up nastily, but the x-rays my doctor took showed nothing. He said it should stop hurting in a week or two. After a month, it still hurt...technically. It wasn't bad enough to hinder my daily routine or take meds for or anything, but there was still some pain. He sent me to an orthopedist, who also took x-rays that showed nothing. Since it still hurt like a bad bruise (especially when he pushed on it), he thinks it might be a tiny fracture and sent me for an MRI. My follow-up is tomorrow night. It doesn't help that Caspian climbs up and stand on that spot with both feet when he wants my attention...

I feel uneasy about making the weaning transition with Caspian, since I don't want to feed him so much he doesn't nurse, but I also don't want him to go hungry. I'm also concerned because he doesn't really drink water anymore, now that he's discovered the joys of spitting. He used to gulp it down any chance he got, but now he'll sip, hold, and then either dribble or spew. I worry about him being constipated, since he doesn't drink enough to compensate for the solids he's eating.

* shrieks when he wants more. We responded promptly to the grunts, so WHY?! It is really annoying/frustrating/embarrassing in public.
* ...loves the "What does a ___ say?" game. The sounds he makes himself include wolf, kitty, horse, sheep, Mommy, helicopter, and monkey.
* ...acted shy for the first time in his life, at Wal-Mart this week. Normally, he smiles and waves and reaches out to everyone, but on that particular trip, he turned around in the cart seat every time someone said "hi" to him.
* ...shares my sandwich every day. He also ate an entire single-serving-sized cup of peach bits last night!
* a climbing machine! He'll climb over/up onto anything, from pillows to boxes to the xylophone.
* ...started taking 4-6 steps at a time last week! He only does it to get to the next handhold, then holds on whenever he can. My lazy monkey.
* ... has some real curls showing up on the back of his head. His hair is so funny, it cracks me up.

It's Makeover Time!

I've been learning some new techniques and used myself for a guinea pig. I took my picture with a bare face, after foundation/concealer/facial highlighting pen, and then after makeup. Technically, the "before" picture was taken last...I forgot to take the bare face pic first, so I took it after I washed my face that night. That's why my hair is dry and my lips are moist.

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