Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Well, my foot's not broken. It's a bone contusion, which is basically a bruised bone. There's also some sub-dermal swelling. Long story short, every time I bend my toes to walk, it's re-injuring the area. Plus, Caspian likes to stand on it. To keep my toes from bending, I have to wear an ACE bandage and a boot thingy for a month. Glamorous.

Caspian has started signing "boo" now. It's very exciting. Oh, and he walked the entire width of the bedroom to get to me...well, to examine the bandage on my foot, anyway. He also walked the length of the bathroom last night to look at it again!

Local Moms & Lactivists:
Something atrocious happened at the Nicholasville Road Applebee's in Lexington. Read about it here. I've already planned to go to the nurse-in this Saturday, but I have three appointments the following Saturday already. I want to go so badly!

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