Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Caspian scootched himself backwards all the way across the ILs rug and under a chair on Sunday -- all because he was trying to reach my shoes (which were in front of him)! Boy, was he frustrated.

Recently. Mr. Anti-Nap has been nursing to sleep, waking enough 20 minutes later to latch back on, then waking fully alert when he's finished topping off! How weird is that?

Yesterday was Caspian's first time riding in the shopping cart at Wal-Mart, and oh my gosh, did he LOVE it! He shrieked and babbled and took everything in. He was so excited and enthralled with everything, by the time we strapped him back in his carseat he was drooping -- and asleep in 5 minutes! I was soooo grateful for that shopping cart cover, too. I really want an all-covering one now.

I just noticed this morning that Caspian has hair on his shins! Just the lower fourth of the front of his leg. Is that normal?

Recent favorite: when mommy blows kisses! It's a guaranteed crack-up.

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