Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mr. Man is back to his poopy self after taking him off the Hyland's -- and he slept more than 2 hours in a row last night! Duh, self -- they have caffeine. I "slept in" a little, until my son decided to smack me and grab my face to wake me up. That was a good reminder to trim his nails.

We look outside a lot, and Caspian loves to stand on the bookcase beneath the window and bang on the pane. He can't wait until it's warmer here -- he's captivated by the outdoors.

If getting bitten was a marketable skill, I'd have the market cornered. After all this practice, I realize it's like riding the wave of a contraction -- if you can get over the initial blazing pain, the rest isn't so bad. I'm constantly surprised at the lack of blood being drawn. Oh, yeah -- tooth #2 is now visible, too. It's right next to #1. It hasn't poked through enough to be felt (thank God ), but it's right there.

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