Monday, March 26, 2007


Caspian's about outgrown his infant seat. I'm not sure which convertible we'll get. for a big tax return!

I cannot get Caspian to say "mamama" for anything. He mimicked the mouth movement once, but no sound. I'm pretty sure I'm "yah yah," though.

Charlie figured out that we're already in "profit" territory with our cloth diapers (as in, if we'd put Caspian in disposables up till now, at 120 for $20, we've already recouped our CD investment). For the rest of the time he's in diapers, we're officially saving money.

  • I've started laying him on the bed drowsy so he can fall asleep alone, instead of holding/rocking him to sleep every night. I love it, but he's got to learn, I suppose.
  • he tried to share paci with me (putting it in my mouth)
  • biting me is a game (He looks me in the eye, opens his mouth, and slowly bites down on my n*p*le. When I say, "No, that hurts mommy" and take it out, he grins and laughs at me. )
  • one 50-minute nap yesterday, went all night without eating (woo hoo!) but still woke twice (not so woo hoo)
  • we're going to try solids tonight (which will hopefully lead to sleeping longer )

We put him in an outfit from Charlie's mom yesterday, before he outgrew it. He barely fit in the pants! I think he looks like a stockbroker.
We'll have to get him some more onesies and shorts, because he's in 9-12 month clothes already, and all we have is long pants and long-sleeved stuff. It's so hot here for March! Charlie and I LOVE putting him in collared shirts (especially polo shirt-type onesies) -- he looks so much like a boy, plus the carseat straps don't rub his neck.

When we went to leave the ILs' yesterday, Caspian repeatedly leaned over and gently butted heads with his grandpa (who happened to have on a matching outfit, minus the tie and suspenders).

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BHFraser said...

Grandpa Charlie must be SO proud!!