Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I was worried about Caspian not rolling back-to-front for a long time. Turns out he'll only do it if the thing he wants requires an additional flip to reach. Little stinker.

You'd think Caspian had a bet going that I wouldn't be able to get a pic showing his teeth.

In case you were wondering, Caspian is a redhead, but he has too little hair for it to be noticeable most of the time. It's really red in the sunlight, though. His eyes are officially brown-green, too.

Caspian is crawling upside-down and backwards on our bed as I type this. He's on his back, but he's pushing up to balance on his head and feet only, then scooting a little toward his head. He's about a foot away from where I laid him. Okay, he's been waylaid by the he has the case off the pillow and is (of course) chewing on the pillow's tag. Alright, his head is at the end of the bed now -- time to pull him back!

Yesterday was so beautiful, I took Caspian outside to play. He had on a little shortall, so I uncuffed his socks all the way to his knees and put a loose shirt on him to protect his arms. His sunhat was in the car (with Charlie), so I put mine on him.

He looks like he's wearing a fisherman's rainhat here. Notice the omnipresent sock in his fist.

Although I like to pretend this is him being aloof, it was actually just the wind in his face.

Caspian was given some really cute 12 month outfits recently, so I held them up -- and they all fit now (some just barely). Unfortunately, two of the three are sleeveless. The third shortall is actually 12-18's how it fits him at 7½ months. My tall baby!

(BTW: He's never in the crib without me there, and I had to stand him up like that myself.)

I just gave him a frozen Nuby keyring teether, and he is going to town! He's making a noise I've never heard before, too, while he gnaws. I guess that's his "frozen teethers feel good" noise!

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