Monday, March 12, 2007

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Caspian tries to pull up on various things, but rarely makes it. He doesn't like to shift his feet once he gets started, so they're often bent or too close together or something. Relying on upper body strength alone is sufficient when he pulls up on our fingers, but not when the bar or whatever is beneath eye level.

Neither Caspian nor I got a nap on Saturday , but he did sleep six hours that night.
Last night wasn't bad, except that Charlie left the bedroom door open when he got up to shower. The cats are always wild in the morning, and they came tearing into the room and jumped on the bed...waking me up 40 precious minutes before I had to.

Yesterday I was at a facial for an hour while Charlie kept Caspian. He thought Caspian was just gassy and didn't check his diaper until way after I got back. Well, the poo was 3 hours old, so it had soaked into the diaper -- front to back, side to side. He had diaper rash all over and sobbed when I tried to wipe him. I've never seen so much redness since we switched to cloth. I just stripped him down and plunked him in the tub. It was his first time in the big tub since he's been able to sit up alone, and he had a ball! We tried a new baby wash, in the hopes of not inflaming his eczema -- but it was worse! He even woke up with scaly patches on his face and eyebrows, which he's never had before. At least he's clean.

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