Sunday, March 04, 2007

I wonder if Hyland's Teething Tablets can make a baby constipated? I haven't changed my diet at all, but Caspian's been poopless two out of every three days this week. Last night he was crying and grunting without producing anything. I think we're going to try Tylenol at night for his tooth pain, instead of Hyland's. They have caffeine, and he has been waking up crying (in pain?) every two hours anyway.

Caspian is a big twitchy stinker when daddy changes him, but not mommy. He has been fighting naps, though, unless I hold him (and even then, it's a struggle to get him to fall asleep in the first place).

Has anyone else opened a diaper to change it "just in time"? In the last week, I've opened Caspian's diaper three times in time to see him just finishing urinating! Like, the fountain is just dying down or trickling out. (Sorry, TMI - I just thought it was hilarious. )

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